Junior and Youth registration has closed.....

Posted Mar 6, 2018 in Social News by Lisa Young

Junior and Youth registration has closed so that we have time to put our teams together before the season starts.  

You are still able to register if you are a Senior Player.

Online registration is through myCOMET, the new national football database that all clubs use to register all membership renewals.

If you played for Cashmere Technical in 2017:

By now all of our players should have been sent their new myCOMET login details. If you have not received these details, please click here to use the myCOMET Lookup option to find your login details. To renew your membership, you will need to login to your myCOMET account using the login details emailed to you. You can then select the type of membership you require. You will have the option of paying online by credit card, or using internet banking. A link to the myCOMET login page is here.

MyCOMET does not allow us to gather information about your player's school or preferences regarding teams. Please use this link to open a Google form and enter the required details so that we can place your player in the correct team. If you have previously emailed us, we would appreciate it if you could use this link to re-enter details so that we don't overlook any requests.

Unfortunately, myCOMET does not allow us to provide a family discount automatically. If you are registering more than one player from the same family, please email Lisa Young with the name, date of birth and your bank account details so that we can arrange for a refund of the family discount. Please include the words "Family Discount" in the subject line of your email.

2018 Senior Membership fees

Please register online using myCOMET and confirm payment of membership fees with your team manager. 

If you played for another Club last season please do not register online!

Instead, please contact the Club you played for last season and request that they terminate your membership. You will then be able to login to your myCOMET account and select Cashmere Technical as your club for this season. If you have any questions or problems regarding this, please email Lisa Young. 

If you are new to football and have never registered for a Club:

Please go to the myCOMET website (the link is here) and create a new player account. Once you have done this, you can select Cashmere Technicial as your club and then choose your membership and pay your 2018 subscription. If you have any questions or problems regarding this, please email Lisa Young.