CTFC WPL and WPDL Squad list

Posted Mar 1, 2018 in Team & Grade News by Lisa Young

We are delighted to announce our 2018 WPL and WPDL squad.  


WPL Wider Training Squad:

Blair Currie

Christy Barker

Annie Gilchrist

Emma Kench

Devon Smith

Monique Barker

Kathryn Van Empel

Mikayla Weblitz

Whitney Frame

Jaimie Hawley

Mia Daniell-Cook

Monique Rees

Daphne Boyd-Tibbots

Gabriella Brown

Frankie Morrow

Natalie Burrell

Jonelle Arthur

Katy Pinker

Caitlan Steele

Abbey Wakefield

Jodie Dean

Rebecca Everingham



PDL Training Squad:

Lucy Dawson

Ella Jackson

Izzy Johnston

Mel Law

Ruby Lister

Courtney Ross

Reagyn Shattock

Kate Melton

Nicole Jackson

Sarah Grace Thompson