Youth Football: 17 - 19 Years

Transitional & Senior Football Preparedness

Youth Football at this stage focuses on improving core competencies and tactical awareness as well as coaching the ‘four corners’ development: Technical & Tactical, Physical, Mental, & Social/ Emotional.

Talent pathways remain open in both directions for players to transition for optimal development. Senior Football competencies can be introduced e.g. strength, aerobic and anaerobic power in a periodised manner. Flexibility of positioning and style of play remain important foundations for progression into senior football.


If your player would like to be considered for a Div 1 team they will need to attend our trial's.  Trial dates are here and our selection policy is here

Season start

The season starts on Saturday 7th April 2018.

Draws & Results

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Grade Managers

If you have any further questions about the Cashmere Technical 17th - 19th Grade teams, please contact our competition coordinator.

17th Grade:
19th Grade: